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The Balkan Frog

When exploring the surrounding area of the site, I discovered a stagnant pool of water nestled within the bushes. Here is where I would photograph my first subject, the Balkan Frog (Pelophylax kurtmuelleri).

The Balkan Frog can be found in Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia. This amphibian is very similar to the Marsh Frog (Rana Ridibunda), there are even possibilities of hybrids between the two.

As I slowly pushed my way between the bushes to get a better view of the pool, I would stop every step for a few minutes to scout out for animals lurking in the water below. Once I was confident that there was nothing which I was going to startle, I descended onto the bank. But as soon as my foot hit the mud covered floor, in my peripheral vision I caught a creature hop off the opposite bank into the water.

Balkan Frogs average length is 72mm for a male and females are slightly bigger at 78mm. They tend to have a green or sometimes brown back with a stripe down the middle and random dark spots on either side. Because of this fantastic camouflage, I failed to see the amphibian until it was too late.

I decided to sit close to the edge of the water, completely still with my camera in hand waiting for the Balkan to re-emerge. After 15 minutes, I thought I seen something slowly break the surface of the still water. I raised my camera to my eye and zoomed in, I could see a little eye staring right back at me. After taking the first photo of the frog, he seemed to raise his body closer to the surface of the water.

Once I was satisfied with the quality and quantity of images which I had taken, I decided to leave the frogs hidden haven and ascend back into the surrounding farmland which defended the tiny ecosystem from the outside world.